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Pilot Truck Information

About the Owner

Ed Painter, owner of ASAP Pilot Car Services, spent many years as a prairie farmer,

so mechanical knowledge and a resourceful nature are part of who he is.

As a trucker, he has hauled loads into the Northern U.S. as well as across

Western Canada. Mountain roads or endless flat vistas – he’s driven them all,

in every season. He also knows how to be resourceful, whether he’s caught

in a blizzard in northern mining country or getting an over-wide load

over a narrow bridge on a detour.

Our Vehicles

All of our pilot cars are late model, well equipped and well maintained pick-up trucks.

We can provide as many cars as you need for your job, large or small,

with fully equipped pilot cars of our own and numerous affiliate drivers throughout Canada and northern USA.

Ed truck

Safety Equipment

Our pilot cars are equipped with:

  • Overhead mounted lit “OVERSIZE” signs, each with a set of amber warning lights
  • Safety-approved hard hats and high visibility vests
  • VHF and CB mobile radios
  • VHF and CB hand-held radios for your driver, to be used as secondary back-up communication if needed
  • Dashboard camera
  • GPS
  • Fire extinguisher 
  • Hand held STOP-SLOW sign
  • Flares and safety cones
  • Safety flags
  • Banners for wide and over-sized load
  • LED warning lights for sides of over-width loads
  • Combination flashlight/traffic direction cone
  • First aid kit
  • Some of our drivers are U.S. Certified (Evergreen Safety Council)
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Our goal is to provide safe, reliable pilot car

service at a fair and competitive price.

Call ASAP Dispatch:  (604)-754-4700

Call Accredited Transport Dispatch:  (888)-492-1058