Accredited Transport and Hotshot
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Pilot Trucks Available

Hotshot Trucking

You need it yesterday and we get that. We are able to dispatch units within 20 minutes of your call. Hotshot trucking services are available 24/7.

Oilfield Transport

Valves, pumps, pipe, bits and gear. It takes a lot to keep a crew working. Nothing hurts more than downtime. We have the trucks and gear to deliver to remote off road sites.

Mining Transport

Every industry is expensive to operate, especially mining. When one unit breaks it can paralyze the entire plant. We can get your equipment and parts delivered to minimize your losses.

Logging Industry

Our trucking fleet is 4X4 capable, winch & tire chain equip. We can get your supplies to you through extreme and remote conditions.

Utility Transport

Are you short a 3000lb roll of wire and the regular LTL truck leaves next week? Give us a call and we can have your crew installing materials instead of waiting for them.

Auto Transport

We know, it's your baby. We take extra time with your vehicles and fully realize it is not a load of concrete blocks. We have dedicated automobile load securing equipment.

Equipment Transport

Everything from a new hydraulic pump to a replacement machine. When the dealership won't deliver give Accredited Transport a call.

Construction Transport

Roofing, 2X4s, siding, doors, paint & nails. We deliver from lumberyard to your site.